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Earth’s Rebalancing Is Assured

Earth’s Rebalancing Is Assured Masters of Light through Claire Montanaro

It is a pleasure as always to be with you, our children of the light. You ask about your year to come: It will be a remarkable year in many ways, and you will look back on 2015 and see that all the peaks and troughs and challenges that it brought were a preparation for these months that lie ahead.

It was a time when karmic reminders rose to the surface to remind you of what you needed to be doing — and may need to remember still. It was a year of preparation: the signs of what is to come were written in the sands of the glorious desert of your life, and it was your choice as to whether you read the messages and learned from them or preferred to ignore the runes. Many chose the latter course, and those who did, consequently, will be taken by great surprise.

The Road Ahead

You ask about 2016, however: In this year, you will see that the complacency of those who believe the status quo is forever will be shattered as your world stumbles and somersaults from one great event to another. The folly of man, your political leadership and outdated economics, your strange ways of resolving conflict and continuing refusal to take responsibility for the welfare of the most precious prize you have, your planet, will be challenged more and more and seen as divisive, limiting, and even dangerous.