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Deep Communication: a One Life Tutorial

Deep Communication: a One Life Tutorial Dwahl Khul through Catherine Weser

Eventually you come to know that reality is truly an expression of the interdependent interconnectedness of all. Without realizing it, you slowly but surely dissolve the barriers and boundaries of separation that were once necessary means of distinguishing self from others. As you become less and less fascinated with self-identity — usually a byproduct of any spiritual practice — the ways and means of making your self different, special, or separate fall away. You start discovering the nature of reality as One Life. You accomplish this with whatever degree of understanding you have gained by successfully navigating in and through the various forms of separation with a deep respect for the innate characteristics of these forms.

You cannot dive deeply into One Life without respect for life, and life on the planet is life with definition, relationships, communication, and understanding — all forms of separation. There is never a part of life, a single thing that exists and is describable and understandable, that can be seen as anything less or more than One Life, for nothing can exist on its own, and One Life is nothingness. Even though communication depends on separation, moving into deeper levels of communication depends on an understanding of One Life — nonseparation. We find communication, deep communication, to be one of the more amazing ways to explore this edge of separation and nonseparation.

Dissolve Barriers and Boundaries