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The Core Remembers, Rebirths, and Ignites Its Divine Right to Exist

The Core Remembers, Rebirths, and Ignites Its Divine Right to Exist The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Masters, full restoration of divine memory in your new species bio-consciousness changes everything. All your stories, information of yourselves, and your universe will be challenged. What is true, real, or authentic will be questioned repeatedly. You have been living inside two core I Ams: the imposter core and the true essence core.

Today you choose for yourselves which cosmic egg is conscious. You’ve reported an awareness that existence seems to be wondering about itself, talking back to and through the core of you, the heart of you. It seems as if it is making its last call to see whether the old creation story is real or just a brief experience before everything changes into its newly birthed consciousness. Your core says, “There is nothing missing. My core provides all that life needs. There is nothing outside of my core I Am that I don’t have. There is no fragment, part, or aspect of me that I Am doesn’t have. I Am always in my core, not almost there!” How many ways can existence’s core express or taste its pure essence imagination in energy of pure consciousness creation? It is a sensate experience of pure impassion right out of one’s own being. How many ways can consciousness come to know itself by simply opening to itself? The core heart essence says, “My understanding and discovery of myself, in every possible potential, experiences more love and had no credit or debit attached to its right to exist. I Am exists, and that is enough.”

The New-Species You