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Coping with a Lower-Vibrational World

Coping with a Lower-Vibrational World Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. There is much diversity in existence on planet Earth. The beauty and joy that can be experienced is exceptional in the known universe. Why, then, are there many who do not feel good about life and living? Why is the sense of joy not present in a greater capacity in every human’s life?

Many sense that there are moments when they should feel grateful or excited. Simple things that happen often — sunsets or seasonal occurrences, such as the changing of leaves, the first snowfall, or the first buds on the trees in spring — are often cited as points of life that should be appreciated fully. Likewise, reuniting with long-lost friends or family or welcoming new children into the world are joyful events. Even the acquisition of a new pet or dwelling place is cause for joy.

But even these things can become mundane in a crowded world filled with images of these events that are used to sell products or manipulate emotions in monetary transactions. Humans in the current age have become jaded and cautious with their emotional responses. This is a defense that has great purpose, but any defense also shields a being from others. The massive invasion of needless imagery and mindless entertainment is taking its toll on human society. It does not bring people together in the sense of being united in a common cause. Rather, it herds us together as if we are merchandise to be put on a shelf.