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Continue to Open Your Heart Chakra

Continue to Open Your Heart Chakra Lynn Buess

As the new year gets off to a start, unresolved conflicts from last year between the forces of duality struggling on Earth can fester to an elevated height. As light shines on darkness, those of dark intent become more desperate. Desperate people do desperate things. As Chinese military units enter the Middle East conflict in alliance with Russian forces, the balance of power starts to swing away from Western control. Military, political and social power issues are thrown into further doubt and chaos. The events in the Middle East will have vast impact on the actions of powerful nations this year.

The utopian aspirations and potential of humanity are on display along with the ugly, sordid weaknesses that allow the masses to be manipulated and engineered into slotted behavior. Those who are desperately holding on to false power are operating on willfulness, ego, and arrogant pride. This can be a dangerous combination when the sly fox is cornered in the chicken coop. The farmer now recognizes his culprit and can take necessary action. However, the fox will go to any extreme to survive.

This year has all the makings for another false flag destruction in a major city type of event. If so, it will likely be of an even more dramatic nature than the previous. Or perhaps there will be hundreds more contrived shootings in sensitive spots around the nation. Deception and lies are so common now that it becomes difficult to cull any sort of truth from mainstream sources, no matter the nationality or institution.