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Connect with Your Light Council

Connect with Your Light Council Master Kuthumi through Therese Dorer

I see a vast open desert with rippling sand dunes and the Sun high in the sky. The air is hot and dry. A white camel comes toward me, and there is a man on the camel dressed in white. He extends his hand to me to ride on the camel with him, and from this vantage point, I can see the rolling sand dunes far ahead. We eventually come to a green oasis with clear running water. We dismount from the camel and soak our feet in the cool waters. He is Master Kuthumi.

Dearest ones, it is with great joy that I come forth to speak with you this day. The scene I have given Therese to describe to you is intentional. You might feel as if you are alone in a stark landscape of doubt and worry, having a difficult time trusting in the world and the challenges that face you each day. In these times, trust that you are not alone and allow yourself to see the world from a different vantage point. We are with you, dearest ones, and we are available to help you. We are in service to you. You only need to ask, and we will be there for you. When you choose to go into meditation, prayer, or shamanic journeys, we are more available to support you with visions, stories, and parables, for this is how we connect with you. Notice your dreams and the subtle signs we send you through the eagle flying high in the sky or the bird singing at your window, for we are always with you and send you love and support.

The vision of the oasis is to remind you that we provide you with refreshing comfort. We offer this to you when you take the time to walk in nature, sit quietly by the fire, or sit by the ocean. Time for reflection is paramount now, for the planet’s energy is fractured from many emotions, positions, beliefs, fears, and unrest. Keeping your energy clean and clear is very important for your personal well-being and will allow you to support your families, friends, and the world as a whole. A layer of dense fear surrounds Earth at this time, and I encourage you to not hook your energy to it but transcend through it to the highest light, love, and truth.