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The Awakening of Atlantis

The Awakening of Atlantis Celestial White Beings through Natalie Glasson

Many souls on Earth have energetic ties with Atlantis, having experienced one or many past lifetimes there. When Atlantis fell both in vibration and physically, the light gateways to Atlantis fastened, causing disharmony on Earth, which humanity has become accustomed to. The energy of the Creator, whether on Earth or the inner planes, requires continuous flowing, as this is its nature.

Light gateways are created to connect civilizations and periods of time to maintain the divine flow of the Creator. Even as you exist on Earth now, these gateways allow energy to flow from all civilizations, including Lemuria and ancient Egypt, into Earth’s current moment. The etheric light gateways also distribute energy from the current moment and level of ascension into past, present, and even future civilizations. Sometimes they can be blocked; stagnant energy might be present, or negative consciousness might be projected through them, causing havoc in other civilizations. Due to the negative energy — fear and disappointment created before and during the fall of Atlantis — the angels of Atlantis closed the gateways so that its energy could be contained and they could stop the projection of negativity while also preserving the sacred knowledge and wisdom of Atlantis. Some of the gateways have opened slightly, and this causes many energetic patterns of consciousness to anchor into the current period of ascension on Earth.

Technology versus Soul Awakening

There was a power battle between the development of technology and the awakening of the soul with its magnificence from within the human body. The question put to all Atlanteans was, “Do you rely on technology, giving away your power, or do you place your trust in the seemingly unknown, your soul, and accept your power fully?” The same question could be put to the current age of humanity on Earth.