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Ask the Angels

Ask the Angels Cheryl Gaer Barlow

My life is always the same: go to work, come home, try to do good. Lately I’ve been wondering, “Why am I here?” What are we here for? Could you ask the angels for me?

— Julie, Cody, WY

From the angels: You are a soul from heaven who asked to be born on this Earth. You saw and felt the joy that those close to God feel at every moment. You want to grow in the soul to be closer to the wonderful God.

A physical body is needed to grow in certain ways. Now, on Earth, you grow in the body and the soul.

When we make plans to begin or end a life, we ask the soul to let us know what it wants. Sometimes the person is not consciously aware of this communication. The soul, in its purity, tells us when the life will change into a new birth.