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Activate Your Five Spiritual Chakras

Activate Your Five Spiritual Chakras Isaiah and the Ascension Team through Kathryn Rawlings & Terry Spears

Terry Spears and the Ascension Team: Many of us with heightened, long-term interests in spiritual development have sought the wisdom of what it means to develop into a twelve-chakra human but with little satisfaction for our efforts — that is, until this timing of imminent ascension and the gifts of Isaiah’s guidance on the ascension process. The development of five spiritual chakras in addition to our seven chakras is the core change that we, as humans, will experience in this ascension process.

The gift of increasing frequencies now is a delicate balancing act, for the clearing of fear-based patterns within us has been a prerequisite to receiving these precious energies and then integrating the pervasive inner changes these frequencies bring.

All of us and Mother Earth are receiving these quickening frequencies now. Those whose hearts are aligned with love are transforming internally on many levels in the literal process of ascension. Those who have not chosen to heal into wholeness at this time may react through fear and create havoc.