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Wealth, Success, and Power Are All Possibilities in 2015

Wealth, Success, and Power Are All Possibilities in 2015 Donna Taylor

As we move into 2015, there appears to be a growing sense of confusion, anxiety, and uncertainty about what lies ahead for humanity. That's probably because we are at a tipping point where our future could go either way: toward destruction or toward profound change and transformation. Much lies in our hands. Will we step into our own power and save ourselves, or will we sit back and hope someone else will save us? One thing we can be sure of in 2015 is that this will be a big year full of dramatic happenings.

What leads me to that conclusion is a combination of astrological and numerological factors. We still aren't done with the Pluto-Uranus squares that began in 2011 and have been largely responsible for the huge changes, violent outbreaks, and uprisings across the globe in recent years. These two planets of change, liberation, and shocking upheavals will continue to play out their story until the end of 2015. The month of March is when the planets make their exact and final square, but they are close enough throughout much of the year for their influence to be felt continuously.

It's important to remember with astrology that the energy of a planetary configuration can often lie dormant for a while until the right conditions come along to activate it. Astrologically speaking, the right conditions would occur when another planet comes along and activates the point in the sky where the configuration occurred. So March may be the month when we see things happening, or things might occur later on in the year when the dormant energy is activated.