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Transitioning from the False Sense of Separation Back into the Light

Transitioning from the False Sense of Separation Back into the Light Ascended Master Euclytus through Sufani Garza

As a healer, I have been experiencing a lot of changes in the past five years. The past year was especially filled with many new things that I never really experienced in life: constant change, new opportunities to learn, less money than ever before, sickness, and doubt in my purpose on this Earth. I say I have never felt those things because, as a healer, I have been the one consistently paving the way of comfort for others who are in distress, yet through all this change and shifting consciousness on the planet, I found myself uncertain of myself. I felt as if I were between finding who I was now on my own terms while being pressured by life to see it on its terms, and I questioned why some healers were experiencing so much pain, loneliness, and isolation while having the experience. I came to Euclytus in meditation to ask him these questions and once again his clear-sightedness and straightforward answers put things in such a clean perspective that it was hard not to move on from my confusion and move back into the light.

Euclytus, are you still there?


Good. Why are healers in such physical and emotional pain?

They aren't in pain, dear one, not really. Pain is an illusion. All that is harmonious is the reality. The rest is committed by the brain or, I should say, the mind. Most times, the fear, pain, and agony you feel are created by you. Excluding physical accidents and such, this is what creates real physical pain.