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Spiritual Growth in Uncertain Times

Spiritual Growth in Uncertain Times Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. It is said that the only constant in the universe is the energy of change. For many, this is a difficult thing to deal with. The desire for certainty is linked with the search for safety and comfort. The energy of change is such that it makes life uncertain. There is a wide spectrum of change, and most often, those alive on planet Earth exist somewhere in the middle range. However, there are times when this energy of change is at a peak. We are in this stage now.

The state of uncertainty that the world exists in now is steep. That energy of change is flowing rapidly, like water down a hill. It cannot be contained. It cannot be stopped. However, it can be channeled. It can be useful. To do so, beings must leave their zone of comfort and accept the idea of change. They must form their own channels or paths to create the results they desire.

From our place in the spirit realm, we see how the majority of humanity has not set up channels to contain and to manipulate the energy. This causes confusion and, oftentimes, fear.