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Rejoice and Return to the Sacred Ways

Rejoice and Return to the Sacred Ways Isis of Thebes and Karnak through Beverley Bright Star

Hello, my good friends. It is always good to speak with you again. What I wish to impart to you, the children of Earth, and my many, many Isis followers is that it is time to begin anew, my Earth friends. It is time for us all to begin the walk together that has been planned for many thousands of years. We all decided that some day we would bring back the fire of Isis and the mighty Isis temples of the past to this time and place in human history. We herald and bring forth the new fire, the sacred fire, as it once was given to my chelas in Egypt. Back then, it was given with such joy that you cannot imagine, and I eagerly await the flowing forth of those studies and lessons once again to my many stellar students who are now residing everywhere in many countries across the globe. It is to you that I speak now, and these words will be as a beacon, a clarion call, to your hearts and souls.

Awake, my children, and hear the sacred words again! Hear of the ankh and the harp. The gentle waters of the Nile will live and flow again and will be anchored within the hearts of all who are destined to hear these words. They will ring forth in your hearts and souls, and you will be drawn to my words, and by the time they are published, I will have answered the soul call of each and every one of my beloved priests and priestesses. When I enter the beautiful temple of your hearts, you will recognize me of old and welcome me back into your own sacred inner courts of praise and thanksgiving to the Mother of All Things. Together, we will rejoice at the meeting and walk together again in the hall of mercy and greatness to the eternal flame that burns not only in your own hearts but in the heart of the Mother as well. Hear these words and be exceedingly glad, my friends! I am back among you again, and this time I will never leave you.

Be of good cheer, and together we will all build a new world in this, the dawning of the new age on this planet! Together we will bring back the sacred knowledge into the Earth plane from the realms above and make Earth sacred once again by the love of our hearts and the toil of our hands. Rejoice and sing with me softly in your hearts as we enter the sacred inner chamber of the Mother Goddess herself. Together we kneel at her altar and give thanks to her for all of the things she has so generously brought us. Let our thanks and gratitude be turned into our pleasing and gently offered work for her daughter, our magnificent Earth Mother, tending to her gently, easing her pain, and bringing her back into the pristine state of her fullness once again. Stand at her citadels and proclaim your love for her in resounding tones, loud enough for her to hear us once again, and know that our love and light is joining with her great love for us as well.