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The Power Number 8 in 2015

The Power Number 8 in 2015 Higher Self through Carolyn Gervais

"What is life for?" you have asked. Life, of course, is about constant change, as most of you have figured out. Yet change is what frightens people more than anything. So many prepare for change by gritting their teeth and digging in their heels as if to say: "Bring it on." But when change hits, many give up and go into hiding or lash out in hateful, cruel ways. Neither extreme works or helps the changes that must take place happen more quickly or more smoothly. Balancing these extremes is the only answer to this immense and powerful issue that has continuously plagued humanity since the beginning of time. Evolution and change will never cease unless people cease to have separate thoughts, views, perceptions, experiences, and beliefs. As if that's going happen!

You might expect that the year 2015 will be a very interesting and challenging year in all areas of life. The doors that will open will bring the tougher karmic challenges to the forefront to be either changed into something more acceptable or to be transformed through the higher reasoning powers your world leaders are being forced to tap into. We say "tougher" because this is a year where your world leaders will demand peace in all its forms, but they will do so in such ways that as the human plan unfolds, both peace and war will slowly begin to balance each other.

Each of you as participants of Earth must do your part as well. This will be a year that brings forth strength, will, and foresight. These are qualities that will serve in helping humankind to alter and disarm many of the situations that can cause harm and suffering to humankind. It's time to take off the rose-colored glasses and realize that there is no end to the amount of suffering some can create.