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The Perfection of Your Space

The Perfection of Your Space The Spirit of Space and Gabriel et al. through Arthur Fanning

We have an idea; it has to be realized. We are looking for the appropriate words to not only express the idea but to incorporate the feeling of the idea within the structure of the human condition. You have this idea of light. Do you see it? You say you see light with your eyes and you see darkness with your eyes and you recognize [when] you are in darkness and you recogniz you are in light. But what is light besides light? How does it have a consciousness of itself? You beings call yourselves lightbeings. There are lightbeings. What does that mean?

Light and the knowledge of self are light. The light that you beings are learning to participate with is not a physical light. The physical light is the manifested you. That is the physical light. This invisible light — the true light that allows your framework of light and darkness to be — utilizes your physical structure, particularly your skeleton, to animate the form that is going to participate with its light, its form. Its form is light in invisible form that activates the skeletal structure that creates what you call the movement within the system called your marrow of your bone for the production of the blood so that the system will have food for the spirit. The food for the spiritual force is the blood. This is the basis of the old stories of vampire things, off in the wrong direction. Your blood is a consciousness, a fluidic force of the self. It is running through the body constantly, or it is supposed to be, in the right direction. As itself, it has no form, unless it is within the arteries and capillaries and veins; this gives it its form. But it has consciousness as it is working with your air to provide you with your nutrients in the breath: oxygen and the breathing energies.

Now that entity, the invisible one working within the blood, is a reductive force. It has been reduced from primal energy — that is, the invisible light that comes through the marrow and the bone to create the blood is the reduction of that force, that invisible light. Now, it is a blood being, that form, and it is educating the system. Actually, the blood, providing the food for the spiritual force to animate the body, has a consciousness as a fluidic being, enjoying itself through the pathways of your arteries and your veins. It enjoys the movement of it; that's how it participates in the knowledge of itself.