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Messengers from Other Places and Spaces

Messengers from Other Places and Spaces All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be through Elliott Eli Jackson

There are many on Earth now whose spirits came directly to your planet from the stars. Starseeds came to Earth to initiate changes in thinking and to pave the way for Indigos. Your Indigos came to bring a different feeling vibration — one that is more sensitive to Earth's treatment and the treatment of its inhabitants — to your planet and then to pave the way for star implants. Each of the aforementioned has its relative place in the dynamics that are changing your planet. To be sure, there are others. We will touch on some of the important beings who are on your planet now as you near what you might call "close encounters" with others who will come in what you would understand to be the near future.

Your known and unknown universes are full of others, and many of them have vested concerns for your planet and its future. None of them wishes or desires to take it over or eradicate anything beyond the conditions that are not conducive to equality for all of Earth's inhabitants.

Among you now are the Anunnaki, vanguards and representatives of many of those who have visited your planet and plane before. The Anunnaki are messengers who are here to assist you. They have been sent by those from another place and time within the time continuum. Some of them have received misinformation about who they are, and we will be addressing the Anunnaki in upcoming correspondence. Of course, they have many names. What is important is that you seek them out and investigate some of the information they are providing to you. We will be coming to many of them to clarify some of the fragmented information that they have received so that we can clear up some misinformation. What you call them is not really important. Remember, we do not assign names or labels, yet we do honor those you have created simply because you created them.