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Maintaining Good Health

Maintaining Good Health Andaba through Abby Isadora Haydon

It has come to our attention that the following information will be of value to inhabitants of your planet in the winter months of 2015. We wish to speak to you of the health concerns that will be affecting the physical forms of the inhabitants here.

Viruses Come to Earth to Experience Life

There have been what you term viruses that have started to make their home on your planet. These are organisms that have made their way here through the coldness of space. They are able to survive in a state of hibernation while in the void you call outer space. They go into a dormant mode that allows them to float through space until they come to a place that is a hospitable environment for them to be activated.

The concept that you have called the photon belt is an abode that gives these viruses a resting place during their dormant phases. Many different viruses have made the photon belt their home for measures of time that you do not understand.