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The Living Alphabet: Effective Willpower

The Living Alphabet: Effective Willpower Angeline Welk

Will is the capacity you have to set in motion etheric currents that work together to bring about that which is your intention or plan. It is the power you have to define and direct your life according to the vision you have for yourself. Will sets the pace for your successes in life. The character you exhibit is a direct reflection of how you are directing your willpower.

From the letter archetype represented by the English letter Tt, you learn about the effective use of your willpower. It teaches you to stand tall with confidence, be spiritually motivated with enthusiasm, and to assist in living and fulfilling the Creator's plan as designed for you and Earth. Only through a developed will can you become and be who you are.

Design of the letter Tt

The letter Tt stands upright, symbolically reminding you to stand with confidence, courage, and commitment. The archetype of the letter Tt governs your backbone, or spine. Under its influence, you are moved to have a firm stature that communicates enduring motivation, empowered enthusiasm, and focused integrity.