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Live in the Natural Rhythm of Your Life

Live in the Natural Rhythm of Your Life Merlin through Miriandra Rota

This is your friend Merlin, and I come forth to speak with you on the topic of choice and your manner of choosing. This sounds a bit simple, doesn't it? Yes. Then I ask you, when an important decision is to be made, why do you go back and forth, back and forth, making sure that your choice is the most perfect? Of course you do! It is your lifely journey after all. Yet isn't there a better way? You bet there is, and that's what I'd like to discuss today! I believe you are going to like this!

You see, my dears, even though you may make a list of pros and cons regarding a certain choice or upcoming decision and research and reflect on the effects each choice will make in your lifely journey, the truth remains that there is another ingredient — a necessary ingredient — in making a decision. It is this: Deep within your being is the real you, the real self who comes forth when you let go of trying to make yourself be a certain way, when you let go of trying to make your external world be what your mind tells you that you must have or you won't be fulfilled. That beautiful real self knows everything — the past, the present, and yes, even the future as it unfolds before you. That beautiful, real self intrinsically knows which avenue would be the most fulfilling for your spirit and for your entire being.

The Yearning to Merge with Your God-Self

Your entire being: What does that mean? Here we go! Even though you are a spirit being incarnate residing within your human nature, even though deep within your being resides the real self, the God-self, you are still an entire being; that is, all of those manners combined. You have to be, simply because you are incarnate. Thus, one decision might be so very perfect for your spirit being while the same choice might bring difficulties to that beautiful human nature who is still striving to allow its God-self to emerge, still learning how to let go, to allow, and to trust.