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Laugh Your Way into Enlightenment

Laugh Your Way into Enlightenment The Tree People through Douglas Davis

Do trees have a sense of humor?

Oh my goodness, yes we do have a sense of humor! However, the human may not recognize it. My goodness, we have to laugh! We sometimes come out of our skins at night, and we dance and play and act silly. We love the night. It is our playtime.

We are not sure why you are so serious about your lives. You know, you are here to play and have joy, so why the long faces? We encourage you to sit with us a bit every morning, then you'll find the rest of your day will be much more fun and playful, definitely not so serious. You will not get to the higher states of consciousness many of you want to achieve without a sense of humor. It really is okay to laugh your way into enlightenment!