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The Journey from Mind to Heart

The Journey from Mind to Heart The Elohim through Carol Fitzpatrick

You have come this way before. It is now time for you to shift your focus away from catastrophe and what could happen and point it toward the openings that are already occurring. The shift from mind to heart is a simple one, but it takes time and tenacity. The road is perilous. The traps are many. The higher in frequency or altitude you go, the greater your propensity is to stop, become demoralized, fall back into old patterns, and lose your faith.

The year of 2015 is marked by great promises, breakthroughs, and celebrations of wonderful, amazing accomplishments, and also plagued by broken promises. There are many among you who will step away from their paths and wish on a different star. Their star wishing will be about food to stave off hunger while others will consider it a gift from God to be the one who reaches out to feed that hunger with love. Love is the prevailing thought that marks the path for 2015.

Awaken Your Inner Light

Many will come to you and ask why you have chosen to stay when so many are falling into the trap of the mind. We say to you now that you have only to wait and see what is there for you to see and do. There will be many among you who remember who they truly are. They will awaken to the light within them and recognize that the way and the truth are one. There is a God who loves them. There is a remembrance of the soul. They will remember how to open their hearts and lead with courage and conviction while maintaining a humbleness about them.