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Experiencing the New Earth

Experiencing the New Earth Archangel Sandalphon, Archangel Gabriel, and Yahe a e al through Kimberly Powers

Beloved beings, intent is such a key this year. We know each January that you celebrate by setting intentions of weight loss, trying to be healthy in what you eat, but think beyond the limited view of your own focus. Set the intent for that which you wish to see happen on the planet. Set your personal intent in alignment with that which you would like to see. If you would like to see more love for Gaia, then set the intention for loving yourself more. If you would like to see truth, then will truth as your intent. Your thoughts are ever so more powerful in January because the global consciousness is also setting the intentions as you are, and as it resonates together, great shifts can happen.

Don't be surprised as great shifts are felt by the end of January, as you each and you all [specific] are calling out for that which you desire, and as one complete consciousness, we're also intending the same thought as you are. With such strong movement of desire also comes the balance of making room for the new, so don't be surprised as Gaia also shifts. You are in the core of this belt [Photon], and within this belt, you are more fully supported; thus, the movements are much greater in speed and intensity. Don't let the speed and intensity seem harsh, but rather feel it as what it is. That is a rapid response to your focus — your intent.

In many places around the world, there will be calls for quiet days. These will appear as distress to some, but those who realize these days are from our intentions to balance will also realize the gifts in them rather than participate in the worry of losing "normalcy" for the day. A new normalcy is emerging, one that we, the angels, and you light holders recognize, as you have planted the seeds of your desires.