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Empowerment and Partnership

Empowerment and Partnership Egyptian Cat Archetypes through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Throughout all of 2015, Cupido conjuncts the galactic center, empowering the energies of the super-Venus expansive love expressed in connection, cooperation, and communication with all living beings. This shall facilitate partnerships among people, cultures, countries, religions, and ideologies that have long lived in fear of their own shadows, projecting that fear on to each other with blaming and finger pointing. This is about the human kingdom coming together and affecting all types of groups — family, marriage, culture, society, partnerships, organizations, collections, and connections globally and interdimensionally with other kingdoms: devic, imaginal, elemental, angelic, integral, and creator.

Connect with the Yin and Yang

The realization and awareness of the interconnectedness of all living beings shall individually empower each member of the human kingdom to act, live, speak, think, emote, and move into an understanding that every energy that is sent out into the world whether by thought, word, deed, or emotion has an impact not only on themselves but everyone and everything around them. No longer shall the human kingdom be excused for its lack of responsibility to empower life and love with honor and respect as a cocreator. Consequences for actions and choices shall return immediately, multiplied, so that everyone is aware that what is expressed becomes manifest in 3D life immediately.

Activation of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine expressed in balanced reciprocity through love, honor, and respect of both energies (yin and yang) integrated within each individual shall be reflected in the creative integration through art. This may be expressed in each day, life, and interaction or through various mediums of creative expression, such as dancing, singing, sculpting, painting, sketching, drawing, or inventing and implementing of ways to walk in balance with nature, Earth, and all living beings.