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Earth Is Calling; Are You Listening?

Earth Is Calling; Are You Listening? Chief Geronimo and the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light through Star Hinman

To those of you on Earth now, I bring this message: Earth is calling to each of you now to align with her wisdom and energies to prepare you for the changes that are coming for your planet! She knows the way through these tumultuous times when you may feel lost, confused, or alone in the midst of the confusion, strife, and violence that is even now erupting on your planet. Yes, it stresses many of you because you think it is not supposed to be this way. "After all," you say, "Didn't we cross the marker of the shift of the ages, and everything was supposed to be different after that point in time?"

You didn't expect it to get worse, and this is the way outer events appear now to many of you. It is frightening and unexpected, and it has thrown many of you off your center and interrupted (however temporarily) your ability to communicate with the higher realms of spiritual truth from which you could learn exactly what is happening on Earth and have your fears assuaged. However, this is not possible for many of you, and that is why we are choosing to bring this message — to steer you in a beneficial direction in the interim until you fully realign with the higher realms once again.

The Healing Energies of Nature

This is what we would recommend to you when you feel that the confusion in the world is just too much to bear or that it is affecting you more than you would like: Simply empty your mind of all these thoughts of world events and your worries about what your response to all of this should be, and go out into some quiet place in nature — sit under a tree or walk through the plants — and look at the stones and mineral kingdom on the ground all around. Listen to them talking to you, because they always do! But you often forget to listen to their messages and to their great wisdom.