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Don't Let Your Problems Eat You!

Don't Let Your Problems Eat You! the Cosmic Council through Pat Crosby

Dear ones, we note how much fear humanity experiences: fear of what you have known, loss of income, loss of lifestyle, loss of good food, new government policies that may unseat what you hold dear, massive contagious epidemics, or things that go bump in the night. The list goes on and on. Do you feel churning in your gut when you read the news? Does your mind churn with endless scenarios of impending disasters? Do you experience panic attacks? Does your heart monitor go off when the phone rings? Does it seem you cannot find any solid ground? Does it seem that what used to work is no longer holding, no longer relevant? Do you wonder whether you too will be among the homeless masses, chased by police and denied meals as more and more communities outlaw feeding the homeless in public spaces?

How big and how long does fear fantasy last? Have you noticed how much the media is building up fear, uncertainty, worry, and anxiety? We have. Why is this? What is the purpose of all this fear mongering? Is it real? Yes, you, dear lightworkers, are not immune to this planetary phenomenon. Indeed, truthfully you are driving a lot of these changes, as you hold the celestial vision of how great life on Earth can be, and many of you are here specifically to implant this new vision in the planetary matrix, the planetary grid systems, and the evolving consciousness held by humanity's enhancing DNA patterns.

It seems many of you have forgotten why you are here, though. So we take this opportunity to help you remember some critical things from your soul memory.