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Your True Colors Are Beautiful

Your True Colors Are Beautiful Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

My dear family of light, I am Gaia, and together with a multitude of your cosmic brothers and sisters, we congratulate you on your efforts to bring more love and harmony into your existence. We know that your efforts are not small. If you could see the opening of hearts around the globe, you would be utterly astounded.

Celebrate Your Differences

There is no need to fear the younger generations or the technologies that define much of their lives and come so easily to them. At times, it may seem that they exist in an alternate reality with their gadgets and ways of communicating, yet this dependence on technology is allowing a great gift to come forth to humanity. Technology is gifting a global connection at younger and younger ages. That, dear ones, is beginning to undo the chains of "us and them" that have long kept the ideas of separation so strong among humankind.

This connection allows them to sense in new ways the bigger picture that is playing out, and so they ask the difficult questions. At times, these difficult questions force the old ways to be considered in a different way. The younger generations are not content to be fed the idea that things have always been done a certain way and must remain so. This is consciousness awareness at work.