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The Year of Action, the Year of Acceptance: 2014

The Year of Action, the Year of Acceptance: 2014 Stephanie Clement

For this month, I first wrote about the need to reflect on what has gone before and to plan for the future. I scratched that entire thought process! What we need now is action that emerges from acceptance on every level of being. We have the experience, the skills, and the talents we need. Now we need to use them. But acceptance comes first!

You may immediately be thinking, what does that even mean? You have been learning acceptance all along. You have accepted the third-dimensional world and its limitations, and you have developed the skills you need to ascend. Another year of acceptance? And what does that have to do with action? What?

Astrological configurations indicate that action of every kind — up to and including that of earthquakes — is due to occur this year. For many of us who have been waiting for change, now is the time for us to make change happen, create changes in our own lives, push for political change, and aspire to spiritual action as well.