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World Prayer Web Maria Yracébûrû & Kira Raa

Prayer, as revered by Native Americans, is one of the most powerful, cocreative, and healing forces there is. It is an opportunity to join with Esonknhsendehi (Changing Mother Earth), Yusn (Creator), and Echicasay (All Our Relations) for the purpose of seeing the world through higher vision; receiving Earth's healing love, truth, and grace; and restoring ourselves to a life of wholeness and perfection.

When you join as an anchor in a World Prayer Web, you not only extend healing energy and vision to others but you receive it yourself in that moment. We reverberate Bidaa, or All That Is, and cocreate a reality of peace in our lives.

Prayers for January: Bear Energy

We develop strong bonds to Changing Mother Earth and our families, Shima'shash (Aunty Bear), creating within ourselves a deep sense of responsibility that is prevalent to cocreation.