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The Way Synchronicity Works: the Demise of the Bell-Shaped Curve

The Way Synchronicity Works: the Demise of the Bell-Shaped Curve Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Once again, my partner steps aside. We've described channeling before as a process that honors the Human Being. It uses a multidimensional, biological portal called the pineal, and it allows that which is the creative source inside you to expand. This is channeling. Channeling is available to humanity and always has been. In this new energy, however, it is available for very new information, new thoughts, and new processes that are coming your way.

Before we begin the message, I wish to ask a question: Is it possible that there is an intelligent source in your universe, in your galaxy, that has helped put together what you see here today? Is it possible that there is a plan that is benevolent for the Human Being because the Human is part of that creative source? Is it possible that you are never alone? Is it possible that the family is a little different from what you think? Maybe it's even larger than what you think? Is it possible that the entire message I'm about to give you is accurate, true, real, and from a source that is outside of your body, outside of your reality?

It took my partner [the channel] a long time to understand that there is no trick here. It took him a long time because the mind-created "reality" box he came out of demanded it would have to be false, and there would be negative consequences for what he is doing. "God doesn't talk to Humans this way," many have said. "It's a trick from the darkness of the planet, and it wishes to invade and capture your soul," many have also said. However, he learned quickly that every single time he opened his pineal, it became the portal for the love of God. That's all he received at first. It was pure — the purest thing he has ever experienced — and it was consistent, always the same. It never tainted or biased itself, and it never told a Human to do anything out of integrity. It was always congratulatory, benevolent, and representative of the real spiritual family. It never changed in twenty-three years.