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Shamanic Wisdom: How to Develop a Healthy Prayer Life

Shamanic Wisdom: How to Develop a Healthy Prayer Life Jan Engels-Smith

Prayer is focused energy with strong intent. Developing a healthy prayer life is part of the dedication that is required for the journey on the spiritual path. Prayer can take many forms — formal, informal, casual, elegant, spoken, or silent. All are acceptable, and all are heard. There is no right way to pray; however, some prayers can be extremely powerful. If it comes from the heart and you understand the laws of energy, prayer can be truly miraculous.

Prayer is a powerful energy. It not only connects you to a force greater than yourself, but it stimulates the power of creative energy within you and puts into action your ability to create. You literally merge energies with Source. You step beyond limitations and into the realm of possibilities. It is a powerful means of adding energy to your desires. Each time you pray, you add layers of energy to your desires. Thought forms emerge, and energy multiplies. The more faith and trust you have, the more you stay in joy or peace with your feelings and the faster thought/prayer manifests into physical reality.

Prayer is an expression of gratitude, love, and relationship. It helps you to center yourself and gives nourishment to your soul. It recognizes your divine connection, reconnects you with your own holiness, and nurtures your relationship with Spirit.