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The Reclamation of the Subconscious

The Reclamation of the Subconscious Almine

To understand the microcosm of humanity, one can examine the macrocosm and the events that are taking place within it. Like a drawer in the house where all the odd objects are stuffed that no one can find a place for, the subconscious (or the underworld, in the case of the cosmos) is the storage place for the unanswered questions and the unresolved feelings of existence. These reside physically like deep, visceral terrors, pains, and other trauma in the pranic tube — trauma that seems to persist despite our self-work and efforts to eliminate the old memories.

Examining the macrocosm can help us understand where these questions and feelings arise from and how to get rid of them for greater clarity and evolved consciousness. To understand the underworld, you need to know that there are four realities that are parallel and interactive with one another: the reality of pristine humanity (ours), the God realms,1 the magical realms, and the cosmic underworld.

There are 1,440 angelic orders in the first three realms collectively. There are none in the cosmic underworld. There are 567 angelic orders that have been captured and imprisoned in the matrix, or membrane, that surrounds the underworld and keeps it separate from the other realities. To release them, we must reclaim our own subconscious. Demons inhabit the underworld — they are the embodiment of chaos (unresolved issues) — the same way that angels embody order (the principles that are known and that reality is based on).