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Presence and Magnetism

Presence and Magnetism Archangel Zadkiel through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

There is a beloved ascended master within each being, is there not? It is a great, momentous occasion when one comes forward and celebrates the recognition of the unified consciousness within. This is the time that has arrived for you now. Within great presence, there is great love, and with great love, there is great presence.

Great Presence Is Magnetism

What is it to empower great presence? It is magnetism. It is an opening. It is the recognition of your divine unification with the energetic field of matter that has created the body that you have. The body that you carry now is very magnetic. It is realigning with the great magnetism of your Earth in a movement that is anchoring the universal emanation of light. You are now in the presence of the magnetic strata. It opens the divine portal of recognition for all. This gift bursts forth the opportunity to release all illusion — all illusion!

When one recognizes the profound expansiveness of the all-ness in conjunction with the illusion, it can overwhelm the mind of density. The mind has so much to consider. If all in this world is truly illusion, then what is beyond this world, beloved ones? What, then, is this world? How is your participation in this world a greater gift than perhaps your heart has already revealed? You are the great participant and the great gift! There is no separation between the gift and the participation. Your participation is the gift, as the gift is your participation.