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Physical and Relative Existence

Physical and Relative Existence Dwhal Khul through Catherine Weser

We start by suggesting that this cosmic spiral of evolution is just a way that we have organized things so that we can share them with you with some sense of progression or a deepening of information. But there's no need to get attached to any of these specifics or segments as having any kind of true, substantial reality in and of themselves. In other words, we have arbitrarily divided the "one life" into sections so that we can speak it from these various viewpoints. And from these various viewpoints, we can ultimately construct a more complete picture, more sense of the whole.

Previously, we talked about the realm of illusion. And we focused quite a bit on the afflictive emotions of anger, desire, and fear. We talked about how those three energies really lie at the root of a lot of unhappiness, discontent, and difficulty in your life. This time we will speak more about the realm of the physical, the realm of matter and energy — the physical body and your experience with it.

The way the one life is divided might suggest that first you should talk about the physical or the gross sense of matter, and then you would talk about the emotions or energies that move and are perceived through the physical. We start it the other way, because we suggest that your primary experience at the beginning of an incarnation is pure energy or pure emotion.