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Onereon Sabbatical and the Cycles of Seven

Onereon Sabbatical and the Cycles of Seven Jeff Michaels

For over a decade, the words of Onereon have been a flow of thoughts and ideas, perceptions and visions, from just slightly beyond the realm of gravity. Onereon identifies themselves as a group of beings who carry the task of what can be called "human resources." Their chosen assignment as spiritual beings is to assist us all in having the most fulfilling life possible.

We have always opened the channelings with the words "as above, so below," meaning Onereon is focused on demonstrating how to access the higher vibrations of the spiritual realm and express them in a world that is not always seeking true spirituality as a goal. Onereon brings clarity and support by way of wisdom from beyond this planet. Yet that wisdom always carries a practical nature, for true spirituality must be practical on Earth if it is to have any value.

We have spoken in channeling of the cycles of seven. Exploring this principle can assist all beings to gain balance in their life courses. It requires some contemplation and self-examination to gain the most from this concept.