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The New Era: Dimensions and Time Redefined

The New Era: Dimensions and Time Redefined Zi'antha through Wendy Zellea

What are dimensions? Are they above in the sky, or are they in other places that require a spaceship (or nothing more than intention) to go there? Lightworkers refer to dimensions as if they are everyday occurrences, as if they are another town or city to which they can travel at will. In fact, it is possible to journey to other dimensions, because the multidimensional aspects of each individual exist in those places.

Firstly, it is essential to attempt to understand the nature of dimensions. Although it might be possible for some to conceive of other dimensions, it is certainly beyond the realm of rational thought. Currently, the earthly hologram is designed for humans to experience duality, free will, and a three-dimensional physical form. Once it is mastered, then perhaps incarnations in other dimensions may be experienced.

Everything is vibration — in other words, the sum total of every aspect of each individual. This is why it is said that thoughts and actions must be of the highest caliber, and lower vibrating energies and thought forms should be released and replaced with pure white light. Each time this is done, you experience a shift. Afterward, you are not the same as you were previously; you have entered another subdimension. Thoughts are brighter, more light is held in your lightbody, and your vibration is raised. As you move from one place in consciousness to another, a new, subtly unique dimension has been created. That is why you may feel different. You could not have entered that place had your vibration not resonated with it.