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The Magic Is in the Journey

The Magic Is in the Journey Oriah Mirza

There is a level of fascination I have with reading material, especially channeled, when much attention is given to metaphysical realities, sacred geometry, the flower of life, biorelativity, etheric crystals, lightworkers, Pleiadian and Arcturian information, Gaia, life force, life changes, poles rotating, or conversations about love. In the other extreme, I am also fascinated with subjects about spiritual revolutions, banding together to take over, and an us-versus-them mentality. I read these words, and I understand they are intended to raise the vibration and cause an evolutionary leap in consciousness for humankind.

Let's take a step back and look at the logical view of esotericism. No matter how much you read and participate in these exciting conversations, if you do not change your inner dialogue, be gentle with yourself as you transform, release old patterns with love, and find divine humor in all of the mysteries of being human, you are surely wasting your time. If you do reach a level of balance and harmony effortlessly in which you have surrendered to the love you are and have compassion for others around you, would you really want to band against the "evil doers" of the world? Why would you?

They are obviously from a place where there were extreme living conditions and judgment around them as young people, and they demonstrate their anger and willful destruction on others to somehow alleviate their own pain. In any case, they are trying to love themselves. Why would a spiritual community or spiritual revolution want to band against another instead of the obvious choice of being your loving self in your higher understanding of the human condition so that you may empower others? Is that oneness?