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Love Is a Natural State of Being

Love Is a Natural State of Being Archangel Michael through Ronna

Beloved masters, never forget: Love is a natural state of being. Love is a life-sustaining, inborn condition. When love is the radiating force in your life, fear disappears. Fear is created by the absence of love. Fear is a state of mind created by tapping into lower-frequency, distorted thought forms. When you turn inward and tap into that wellspring of love within your sacred heart, it first permeates your inner being; the remainder then radiates out into the world. As a result, you will begin to see through eyes filtered by loving energy, which will change how you view the people in your life. It will also affect how you handle everyday challenges and opportunities. An overlay of loving energy creates miracles.

To become a self-master, you must endeavor to integrate the right and left hemispheres of your brain so that you may gain access to your sacred mind. It is also vital that you integrate the male/female attributes and virtues of the perfect Adam and Eve Kadmon template of your universal oversoul-self (Adam = atom x Eve = evolution).

Solar Fire

Please, take a few moments to sit quietly and turn inward as you focus on your sacred heart center. Feel the expansion of your solar power center as you move deeper and deeper into your sacred heart chamber. Feel the overwhelming love that slowly radiates throughout your body, for you are now connected to your diamond-core God cell, which contains the precious seed atom of your divine essence. Therein is an inexhaustible supply of adamantine particles waiting for you to activate them with your loving intention. It is a tangible experience, beloveds. It is real, and it is the most wondrous, blissful feeling you will ever experience while in the earthly vessel, for you will have tapped into the pure, loving essence of our Mother/Father God.