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The Living Alphabet: Perceiving Yourself through the Letter Ii

The Living Alphabet: Perceiving Yourself through the Letter Ii Angeline Welk

The English letter I relates to your current view of yourself, which includes attitudes formulated from past experiences and the confidence you have in managing your life. It reveals your perception of who you are. In other words, it is a mirror of how you see yourself in a given moment of time. An empowered letter I unifies altruistic love with spiritualized willpower accomplished through the wisdom you have garnered through lifetimes of experience.

In creating the letter I, you begin with an upward movement, representing an aspiration to draw the altruistic love to you. The second movement is leftward, gathering wisdom. The final movement is an empowered rightward direction, symbolizing effective confidence and willpower to accomplish your intention or desire.

Note that the vertical and horizontal movements meet at a given point. This meeting point represents a unified identity of who you are. Each time you appropriately design the letter I, you strengthen this unified essence of your nature.