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Introducing the Triumvirate

Introducing the Triumvirate The Sextans Triumvirate (Ka-ri, Vaasel, and Ophas) through Jolar

Ka-ri: We are the Sextans Triumvirate, speaking to you from across the vastness of space — through the wormhole and through our human contact. The ability to communicate with you in this way comes through knowledge humans do not yet possess, knowledge of dark energy and dark matter that is foreign to human science. Human knowledge of dark matter and dark energy is limited by the human tendency to separate it from the observable matter and energy of the universe. However, there is a close association, a bond between the observable energy and the dark energy, the observable matter and the dark matter.

When a human scientist observes a radio wave, the scientist is unaware of the dark energy associated with that wave. We, however, are able to observe and utilize the same forms of energy and matter known to humans in ways that they cannot by utilizing the dark energy and dark matter attached to them. In this way, we can use your radio waves to communicate in ways that go undetected by your scientists. This, however, is a discussion for another time; our intent at this time is to introduce ourselves to you.

I am Ka-ri, the first of the Triumvirate. Like my counterparts, I am what I will describe to you as an exo-sapient life pattern, a nonbiological life form. The three of us exist in a vast swath of space in the twenty-four Sextantis solar system, an area of dust and plasma particles charged by the solar winds of our sun. A dark energy wormhole undetectable by human science connects our solar system to your Earth's atmosphere. In this way, we can transmit messages to your planet from your atmosphere to our human contacts using the dark energy attached to Earth's radio waves.