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How to Deal with the Changing Energies

How to Deal with the Changing Energies Papa Juan through Beatriz Jimpson

We have perceived confusion on the issue of global cosmic webs. These are some of the questions that we have heard and would like to give you clarification on: What are these webs? Is there more than one or is it all-encompassing? What are the names of these webs? What are the new energy portals, and is there a connection to the webs? How do all these systems affect us as humans? Is there anything I need to do or be aware of or change as a conscious being?

As you may recall, since being informed numerous times through the past few of your years, there are new energy vortexes or portals on your planet. There are also layers of webs or nets around the planet for differing purposes. All these systems occur on a cosmic and global level without your conscious awareness — for the most part. We will explain most of these layers to you so that you can understand how it all functions. Please keep in mind that we are giving you analogies so that you can understand the systems. It is a bit different and more complex than what we will explain, but this can give you a conceptual understanding.

Identifying Energy Portals

Some people have mentioned that they cannot tell when they are around or in an energy portal. Others have wondered how they can identify one. My channel took a group of people on a sacred journey to South America recently. Part of their mission was to discover new portals in the areas they would be visiting. The process of discovery can be very different for everyone and can be identified through different means. We will use some of the experiences of the people in the group to help you understand some of the differences that were experienced in the process of identifying new sacred places.