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Golden Threads

Golden Threads mar de luz

As I listen to the drone of a small plane on a clear October afternoon, I'm reminded of how we are all part of a much larger continuum — something that we all took part in and agreed to long before we returned, en masse, to this present incarnation and something that we may take for granted in present time. As mechanical and celestial objects move through our skies, they enter the curvature of all time and space that circles our Earth. They enter the curvature of consciousness that we perceive as days and lifetimes. As our little lives dodge and flow through years and years of wandering, we become a part of all life everywhere. We become a part of the light. We are light weavers.

There are links from night to day as there are links from life to life. We carry the seeds of soul memory with us with every step. As light fades, as from an autumn day, it is carried to rest and regenerates at dawn. Likewise, we carry the theme of our little lives until we've come full circle and pass from this earthly plane. Then we have the choice to return and work with humanity (in the emerging fourth-dimensional world) or to stay and work with the angels who reside in the seventh dimension.

The threads are always there. They are the fabric of time and space that perpetuate our existence. We weave them daily, and they return to us. My teacher, Red Eagle, taught us that we throw threads of light before and around us when we walk and that we have been born to Earth to light the darkness around her. He taught us how to spin and throw light, to first gather it from the earth and then hurl it with our intent into the dark places.