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The Finer Particles of Love

The Finer Particles of Love The Sage Council through Jonni Gray & Cheryl Rose

We have much to share with you. Notice in the upcoming days and weeks the finer, silky, silt-like sandiness of love particles merging with your energetic fields. We are so honored and in awe of you and your progress. Your ability to live love, moment by moment — with all energetics that you are interacting with — and your ability to hold love in your energetics, in your work, and in your connections is becoming grander and grander. We in the energetic realms groove on higher levels of love. If you envision waves of love coming off you energetically, we feel those waves — waves and waves of light and love.

Every time you physically rise to another level of capacity to hold and be love, it raises our energetic constitutions as well. This is the secret of the universe. God itself — the entity that is labeled by different names such as God, Allah, or any other name given to the universal source of love — is particles of love in energetics. The purpose of planetary love evolution is to continue to evolve the universe itself and the energetics of God itself.

The universe encompasses every molecule and particle because every molecule and particle is love. However, different expressions of love are based on capacity for humans to filter and channel love into their physical realities. There is no such thing as evil or dark. Rather, it is closing off capacity to channel finer vibrations of love.