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The Energy of Prayer

The Energy of Prayer The Integrator through Arthur Fanning

As you begin to learn manifestation, the expectation of the thought manifesting can interfere with the arrival of the manifestation. Because of the anticipation energy there, modification energy is required to delete the anticipation because of the presentation from prayer. And it comes from the energy between the words of the prayer that is being answered, not essentially the words themselves. The words themselves essentially create the vibration to get the effect from the deeper part of your being of what it's supposed to try to feel it means instead of just saying the words. So that's the need for preparation.

As you're learning the manifestation portion of this process you're in called the body, life, God, figuring things out, I think you've seen enough death to know that death is real. As you go down, the body goes down; you're out somewhere else. And if you think that's an escape, you're really in the illusion. You're supposed to be down here establishing dignity and grace within yourself, not anybody else. As long as you do it within yourself, your space should normally be clear.

Get out of the expectations, get your prayers correct, look about you, and do something. What's so hard about doing something? Oh, the phrase, I think, is "bored." Well, if you're feeling bored — you're feeling that very heavy energy of boredom, right? Correct? Bored and don't know what to do? — guess who is bored with you? That's what you're feeling; his boredom, not yours. You're feeling his boredom with you and the mother's boredom with you, because you're doing nothing. Boring. You don't even pray right.