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Duality and Soul Evolution

Duality and Soul Evolution Juliano and the Arcturians through David K. Miller

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. You are living in a dualistic polarity dimension, the third dimension, and there is significance in understanding this. Many of you have asked questions, such as, "Why does evil exist? Why is there so much separation? Why do I have to be here in this dualistic dimension?" I would like to offer a larger perspective of understanding dualism. This perspective is related to the Tree of Life and to the Planetary Tree of Life.

Those of you who can, picture the Tree of Life and recognize that there are between ten and eleven spheres — actually, in our updated version, there are twelve spheres, or attributes, of energies. These spheres are divided into different levels, one through four. I bring this diagram up for your recollection in order to make an important observation. This dualistic third-dimensional world that you are living in is related to the higher worlds you interact with. The third dimension, this dualistic world, is not isolated from the other worlds or from the other energetic spheres and attributes. However, one of the obvious characteristics of the third dimension is exactly that feeling of separation and being cut off from the higher worlds. This feeling is part of the dualistic experience on Earth.

The Steady State Theory

Consider the nature of dualism as a factor in biological and spiritual evolution. In order for evolution to occur, there must be a type of crisis, a certain challenge. Perhaps in biology, you have studied the concept known as homeostasis, which refers to the steady state theory in which everything is in balance and remains in balance. In fact, there was even an attempt to explain the entire creation and the observable universe as a steady state, or homeostatic, model. Earth astronomers and cosmologists have since rejected that homeostatic theory, as they could not prove that there is a steady state in the universe.