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Conversations with Bob

Conversations with Bob Bob Hughes through Norma Hughes

In early May 2012, my husband, Bob, transferred into spirit, just short of our fiftieth anniversary. He had developed pancreatic cancer. He was very strong up until the last two days when he became too weak to get up. Someone had put a hospital bed in our living room, and I was sitting beside him. He reached through the bars and held my hand. He said, "I think I am very ill."

I said, "I think you are too. And just in case, close your eyes and imagine an angel coming to help you to transfer over to the other side." He closed his eyes, and when he opened them, I asked, "Did you do it?"

He said, "Yes," and then he smiled at me, and the most beautiful light I've ever seen came shooting out of his eyes. It was amazing! Then he closed his eyes, and that was it. He passed over.