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The Contemplation of Your Ripples

The Contemplation of Your Ripples Simion through Amariah Mara

We are Simion, the evolutionary collective. You have all dropped many stones into the waters of your life, and each has a ripple effect. We wish to remind you that each pebble you send forth into the drama of your life has an impact. The pebbles represent your thoughts, emotions, and related actions. There will be a lot of energy moving about this year, and in those to come, that may affect your ripples and drive them in new directions. Therefore, it is particularly important for you to center yourself within to find where you wish to send ripples into your world.

There are times when the energy is conducive to action and other times when deeper contemplation is in order. Remember to allow time for the latter. We urge you to spend time reflecting on the seeds you have planted in your life and consider which you wish to give attention. Or stay with our analogy: Consider which ripples you wish to see reach the shore of your desires and which you can allow to be diverted with new stones that change the trajectory of the ripples.

Every thought, emotion, and action you've had has presented itself in the waters of your life. Contemplate whether they are showing you the now and the potential future you wish to experience. The ripples you are influenced by in the now are the consequences of what you have put out. Some may already be materialized, while others are on the way in some form or another. Reflect on where you are now and what you wish to experience at the core of your being in the months ahead. Now might not be the time to forge ahead with plans but to quietly reach within and contemplate what you are doing every day and where that is leading you.