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The Art of Living in a State of Grace

The Art of Living in a State of Grace Quan Yin through Sharon Taphorn

Two of the tools of transformation are release and acceptance. As you grow and expand your light, you encounter events and situations that are opportunities to heal, grow, and release old patterns. Hold the intention of seeing another's inner divine spark of Creator light, which every single one of you has. It is just that some of you have yet to learn how to make it glow, and there are others still learning to see it in each other or feel it in themselves.

As you begin to walk the path as one of the wise ones and accept your birthright of ascension, you then begin to understand how to walk in a state of oneness with each other and All That Is. You walk in a constant state of grace and ease, and it is a wonderful and attainable place to be. It is not always the easiest path; however, it is divinely rewarding. As I too walked this human path in your past, I am now humbly honored to be a master guide for those who want assistance, instruction, and encouragement along their paths.

You Are Exactly Where You Are Supposed to Be Now

Living in a state of grace means that you are living your life in conscious connection with your higher self and your path and purpose as a human. It is about living in oneness with all things and also feeling awed by their beauty and their truth. It is hard to put this feeling of living unconditionally into words. You truly must experience it to fully comprehend and understand it. Set your intent every day, clearly stating what you expect and the state you wish to experience your day, and then trust that it will be so.