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Adjusting to Earth's New Frequencies

Adjusting to Earth's New Frequencies The Utopian Initiators through Lightstar

We are loving beings called the Utopian Initiators. We are a collective consciousness that is managing the new energies currently surrounding Earth and the renewed vitality vibration that is coming to Earth in the near future. Our communal spirit is of the Earth energy dimension, but we are of pure life force. Our collective forces have been instructed to help, guide, and assist other life forms with integration of these new energies on the Earth dimension. We also protect life forms near the Earth portals from absorbing and integrating new energies too rapidly into their energy fields. We are called the Utopian Initiators because we assist with initiating the new ultimate state of being into Earth's dimensional frequency. We are spirits who help humans ascend to their next level of attainment.

Humans have been sensing new vibratory energies for many years, as the energies have been building over time. Many sensitive souls are experiencing much stronger vibrations at this current time. Earth's electromagnetic field has indeed been shifting and changing, and Mother Earth is attempting to regain her balance; likewise, humans are facing this same energetic push.

Many of you may be asking, "Why are these changes occurring now on Earth?" Throughout numerous centuries on Earth, there have been cycles of great change. Planet Earth is constantly transforming, and the residual fluctuations created from this process can cause disruption for all nearby life forms. Earth is the baby of your universe, young and innocent. And just as a human baby grows from a newborn to a toddler, then into a teenager, and finally an adult, Earth has been shifting through its own evolutionary cycles. Earth is presently cycling and transforming from a teenager into an adult planet. This is why all life forms are sensing such great disturbances.