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You Are the New Masters of This Golden Matrix

You Are the New Masters of This Golden Matrix Golden Dolphin Avatars of Sirius B through Nina Brown

Ambassadors of the Golden Dolphin energies, we come to you this day to continue a topic about which we have spoken on many occasions: gold. The frequency of gold is the gift that we give to you in the multidimensional field of our golden matrix. The matrix has been set up since the creation of the first periapt [amulet] of Golden Dolphin was designed. We have shared on many occasions that gold within this field is an interdimensional communication tool. This tool now serves all the planetary Golden Dolphins to connect with one another in the etheric.

The Golden Matrix

We no longer stand alone. We are connected on Sirius B with each one of you and you in turn are connected with each other. We are a golden matrix of communication. You no longer, neither as individuals nor as a small group, are responsible for the creation of the next golden age. Do you see? We now are all connected by means of intention. We have created what your quantum physics calls an entangled hierarchy of thoughtenergy wave potential.

This is why the subject of gold returns in our transmission, for the matrix is complete and ready for use. Call on us to receive the code to activate your connection. This matrix is not for all of humanity; it is intended for the planetary Golden Dolphins, the ones who know their human divinity, their sovereignty. They — you — are the ones who carry the vibration of the divine Creator in an expanded awareness of who you are, from where you came, and why you have returned to planet Earth: to create, anchor, and nourish the golden age of divine love. Others will come to this knowing in the perfect moment for the growth of their souls.