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We Are Here to Take Over Your Challenges

We Are Here to Take Over Your Challenges The Children of Earth through Miriandra Rota

We are the children of Earth, and we come forth as a united consciousness in order to speak with you, those of you who have chosen to expand your consciousness and to live in a more whole way, a way that will benefit the entirety of Earth and its people. It will also partner you with us, your children.

Who Are We, the Children of Earth?

We are not who you think we might be. We are those who have birthed ourselves with full memory and knowing of all that has gone before us. We are those ones who have chosen, as have you, to continue to reside in truth even while there are those who are proposing lies disguised as truth. Yet that is not the reason we have come forth to speak with you in this moment.

We want to encourage you to have faith in us. We are quite capable of assisting you. You might be wondering in what ways you would need assistance, especially from children, the children of Earth. And in answer to that wondering, we would reveal to you the nature of who we are.